Monday, March 4, 2013

Maybe a Little Baby Drunk

Malcolm has been pretty sick for about two weeks. He's been on the BRAT diet, but pretty much will only eat pretzels and crackers. He can't have dairy or much in the way of fruit of his tummy just reacts in the grossest possible way. In an effort to get him to take some probiotics and sugar, I did as the pediatric nurse suggested and gave him some non-fruit juice (the fake-o gross stuff) mixed with probiotic powder. I discovered when I was sick with norovirus last week that he loves him some ginger ale (even fizzy) when he nicked my cup and downed half of it with a looked of shocked glee on his face. Here is what happened when I gave him fruit punch mixed with ginger ale and probiotic powder. I think he's a little sugar drunk. The only thing I missed videoing was the massive burps he was emitting every 5 minutes.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dinosaurs at the Burj Khalifa

Lucy and Kevin have been watching scenes from the Mission Impossible movies. I trust Kevin to choose age appropriate stuff...but I'm pretty sure I have the only three year old inAmerica talking about Ethan Hunt and the Burj Khalifa