This is Me.

So this is me.  I am Jenny.  I am an actor (some of the time).  I am a yoga teacher (a lot of the time).  I am a wife and mama (all of the time). 

My "real" job is as an actor in the Capitol Steps.  I used to travel a lot (pre-baby), now I tool around the DC are and do shows for various corporations, public audiences and the like.  It's fun!  Having not travelled with the group for over a year, I have to say I miss the traveling lifestyle.  I also miss the constant padding of my frequent flyer accounts and how staying at fancy hotels on the client's dime can really flesh out the "I'm independantly wealthy" fantasy, which Ihave spent a lot of time cultivating:-)  Doing shows in famous theatres around the country also adds to my mystery, charm and my other fantasy of how I am a real actor.  All of this is grist for the mill, however, and I spend some time in some of my posts talking about the crazy (often hilarious) Capitol Steps life. 

My other job is as YogaKids teacher.  I teach yoga to the itty-bitty ones - ages 2-8, usually.  It is also fun!  It is also exhausting and hilarious and life-affirming.  I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon a path I enjoy so much, and that I feel is pretty darn important and worthwhile.  Kids today are over-scheduled, under-exercised, over-stressed and under-funned.  YogaKids takes care of a lot of that.  It is fun, stress-relieving, non-competetive, silly, mind-and-body-engaging, building-awarness-of-yourself-and-others goodness that I am joyfully passing on to as many kids as I can find.
My main job is as a mama to my sweet little Baby Belle,  Lucy.  She's the light of my life.  I am so blessed to be able to spend as much time with her as I do, and she is a constant source of joy, amusement and a challenge to my third most frequently entertained fantasty, that I know everything.

I am also a breastfeeding, cloth diapering mama, though I am not an attachment-parenting, co-sleeping, non-vaccinating mama.  I feel I have to clarify, as those tend to go together (especially on T-shirts and diaper bags).  Not that there is anything wrong with AP, I just do things my own way as opposed to subscribing to any particular philosophy of parenting - mostly because reading parentling books amkes me feel like I am doing everything wrong and that I am a bad mom.  I do that enough on my own, I don't need Dr. So-and-So and Ms. Expert to reinforce that.  I loved co-sleeping with Lucy when she was a newborn, but we don't do it anymore because we don't have a safe family bed and I have a deep fear of rolling over and suffocating Lucy.  Or waking up to find that my husband has done it. 

I DO think there is something wrong with not vaccinating a healthy child.  The autism-vaccine link has been debunked SEVENTEEN times by credible studies (and the link was only found in one, poorly executed, non-replicated study to begin with), and there is a reason that smallpox has been eradicated - vaccines.   There is a phenomenon these days of mostly-eradicated diseases popping up in (usually affluent) pockets all around the country.  Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So don't vaccinate little Billy and tell Mrs. XYZ that she doesn't vaccinate because vaccines can cause autism.  This is scary!  So Mrs. XYZ doesn't vaccinate (perhaps without doing the reseach) and tells Mr. Do-Re-Mi, who doesn't vaccinate, etc.,etc.  It can be a daisy chain of misinformation that leads to dozens kids in the same area coming down with the measles or mumps or something worse.  I understand that there are legitimate reasons not to vaccinate a child, but vaccines are among the most tested and quality-controlled medical products out there.  I understand that there is deep division among parents about this issue (especially in the autism family community) and I don't wish to disrespect the feelings of these people.  I read everything I could about it when it was time for Lucy's first vaccines and I was deeply, deeply torn.  I am still concerned about it.  However, the research just isn't there.
ANYWAY...I am also a lucky lady in love - having the best, most supportive, loving funny, charming sexy husband out there, a vegetarian, a yogini, a nature-lover, a crafter and really, really tired.

That's me in a nutshell.