Monday, July 8, 2013

A Day Out with Malcolm

Kevin took Lucy to see Despicable Me 2 today. Malcolm and I had already had an altercation this morning that resulted in me having a fat lip. He was whiny and clingy and I had no desire to spend three hours at home with him. So we tagged along with the bigs kids to downtown Silver Spring. I decided not to try to sit through the movie with him, so here is the adventure that followed.

Contemplating the fountain.

Running away from the fountain.

Riding the elevator up...

Taking the stairs down. Repeat 43 times.

Testing the waters


Spitting milk all over the glass.

Spitting milk all over Mama's phone, trying to steal Mama's phone.

Running away from me.

Seriously contemplating grand theft auto.

Not terribly sure of the Metro.

7-11 picnic at Takoma Station.

Bus-watching at Takoma Station.

Practicing civil disobedience. Protesting the unfair "Hold My Hand or Be Carried" laws.

Meeting up with Daddy and Lucy.