I Made This!

I made this cute little shirt for Lucy.  the best part was not needing a pattern - I literally ripped the pieces apart, since they are all squares or rectangles.  Soon (I hope I hope) I will be getting my Etsy store going and this is one of the first items I'll be listing!

2011.  INSANE!  I made this for Lucy.  A cute little sweater called the Lucia Sweater.  I found the pattern on Ravelry.  It knit up really easily and quickly!  This fit is a little baggy, but I made it a size too big because...well...Lucy is huge.

Okay, so I finished this a while ago, but I took forever to find the buttons I wanted.  Here it is - cutest baby sweater ever!

It is hard to see the cute tulip lace pattern...sadly, she wouldn't hold still for a close-up.

Lucy anticipating hair.

I made some longies for Lucy!  These are more diaper covers, but now in long-pants-form.  It was a fun pattern that actually went really quickly!

So cute!  I am a little disappointed in the color matching, but other than that, it looks great!

I did a little bell bottom cuff with a seed stitch.  It was a pain in the ass.

I did an internal drawstring waist instead of the ribbing...just for some variety.

Baby Afghan.  See home page for the entire saga:

Lucy is actually enjoying her Ribbie...while gleefully playing with new cloth dipes that I have yet to put together:-)

Lucy is a cloth-diapered baby.  I love her cloth dipes (my hubby doesn't so much, but that is because he has a poop phobia).  Lately I have been obsessed with wool diaper covers because the PUL (polyurethane laminate, basically plastic covers) make her all sweaty and hot and seem exacerbate diaper rash.  I started out buying wool covers.  They are expensive.  I have a few interlock wraps by Lovey Bums which I really like a lot.  These wraps are soft and stretchy and Lucy stays mostly dry and rash-free in them.  But they tend to leak after a while.  Actually, they tend to seep, since wool doesn't really leak, it just soaks through the layers and the lanolin.  I know this is part of using wool.  You have to change a little more often and be okay with slightly damp clothes.
Unless...you abandon the wrap altogether and go with knit woolies - shorties, longies, skirties, etc.  These are ALSO very expensive.  So I dusted off my Nana's knitting needles and started knitting them up myself.  My first attempt was okay:

The only problem was I sewed up the leg holes a little too tight for my chubby cherub's thighs!  I also didn't check the gauge and it ended up much smaller than I thought it would.  It won't fit her long.  I was proud of the attempt, however and spurred on to greater heights.
I used a free pattern online for my second attempt.  It was an "envelope" style pattern.  I used ultra soft Waterlily wool yarn.  Ooooooh, so soft.  I would never have guessed it was wool.  It turned out REALLY well!  I'll add a picture later, when Lucy gets up from her nap and I can get the soaker from her room:-)
This is my third attempt.  It was my first attempt knitting in the round, grafting a seam, picking up stitches and doing a super-stretchy bind-off.  Not to mention actually completing a pattern with very few noticable errors!

I used The Ribbie pattern.  I think that I did a pretty damn good job!  As I have all my little YogaKids yell at the end of every class, Yeah me!