Friday, June 20, 2014

Fairy Houses

We went to Brookside Gardens today. Our buddy Ethan climbed a flagpole. All the way to the top. It was an amazing feat of strength for a 4 year old (for anyone, actually!). Lucy decided she, too, needed to be able to do this, discovered she couldn't and promptly flew off the deep end. Seriously. Crying, screaming, stomping, yelling, trying again, weeping in despair that she'd NEVER EVER be able to do it, telling me never to talk to her again when I tried to encourage her, more crying, more weeping and knashing of teeth. Then she hid in the little school house and wept some more. Just then, the Faires and Gnomes Camp kids came by. They were dressed as fairies, wielding bags of "fairy dust" (chamomile and glitter) and wands and granting wishes. I told them Lucy was very sad and might need some fairy dust to cheer her up. She told them to go away. Then they went away and she started crying anew that she "had missed all the fun forever". I told her we should go find them and I surreptitiously led them back to th car while ostensibly searching for the fairies (who had gone back inside by this point). I then (ahem) got a phone call from the fairy queen who apologized for missing Lucy and instructed us to build a fairy garden when we got home, and make some pixie dust. This calmed her down enough to take a freaking nap.

She woke up from a dead sleep, talking about how she miss the fun and wanted to find the fairies. So we set to work following the fairy queen's instructions.

First the pixie dust:

It is much sparklier in person.

Then the costume. She couldn't find her wings and was very upset:

Happier girl!
Malcolm took a picture of Lucy's fairy beach (which he subsequently destroyed):
This is the Lifeguard's chair (destroyed by Lucy after Malcolm destroyed the beach):
Here are some more of our creations:

Fairy castle

New, improved beach and lifeguard chair:


Fairy Throne:

Fairy houses with a table out front:

Happy "Fairy Maria":
Throwing Pixie Dust: