Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baby Fingers

Lucy has been waking up less frequently at night.  She went from waking 4-5 times between 7pm and 7am, to waking just once around 2 am.  Sometimes twice, depending on whether or not she decides to poop out three days worth of food around 5 am.  This is a WONDERFUL development...but...

...I must say, one of these days I will miss snuggling with her in the quiet darkness of extremely early morning. 

Last night, she work up at 2:15am, after sleeping for a solid 7 hours (!!).  I stumbled half-asleep into her room (my sweet, slumbering husband barely stirring) and gathered her in my arms.  We sat in the rocker and nursed.  I took one little hand in mine, playing with her fingers, and her other hand was gently tickling my waist.  Her fingers were so chilly I almost jumped when she touched my skin.  She always goes for skin-to-skin contact during her night-time feedings.  She'll reach up and put her hand on my face, or on my breast as we nurse, or wrap her sweet little fingers around my thumb.  Sometimes her other hand will touch my waist or burrow deep up under my arm (I am shockingly ticklish - this is a hard one to deal with) - anywhere she can feel the warmth of Mama close by.  It is a powerful joy I cannot even come close to describing, mostly because of it's complete and utter lack of "specialness".

So nothing special happened last night, except that I was nursing my long-desired, often dreamt-of, precious baby girl in the wee hours of the morning. 


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