Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Few Sweet Pictures to Pull Me Through Day Four with Sickie

Lucy is still sick.  She's feeling better, but is still clingy and fussy and generally a little pill.  I am trying to be sympathetic, but I am running on fumes here since the last three nights have been back to a newborn waking schedule.  Remind me never to complain that she still wakes up once at night.  The first night, she wanted to nurse every time she woke, which was totally fine - forcing fluid into a sick kid is a good idea.  This every-two-hour nursing schedule continued all day for two days.  My body started to accomodate the increased nursing.  Then, NURSING STRIKE!!  She refused the breast during the day, and then she wouldn't even nurse when she woke up, she just wanted Mama to snuggle and pet her.  Needless to say, my boobs are not happy.  Fortunately, last night she decided to get back on the boob, so to speak, and at least there was something comforting I could offer when she woke up 456 times. 

Oh, and now my husband is sick with Coxsackie virus (heh) too.  Go mama and her immune system of steel.  Now I have to do pass out, but I am posting these cute pictures to remind myself that she can be fun and a joy to be with. 

This is Lucy's favorite face to make.  So.Freaking.Cute. 
She does this funny little puff and blow thing to go with it.

Lucy vs. Angel Hair Pasta.  She was flummoxed by it.  Good times.

She just looks so dumbfounded.  I can't even think of a good caption!

      Baby and Mama!

Baby and Nana!

Lucy "reading" the Sunday paper.  She likes to sit in the middle of
all the paper and spin around in circles on her bottom:-)

So serious!

You'll have to forgive me for thinking I have the prettiest little girl on the planet.

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