Sunday, November 7, 2010

Such a big girl!

Lucy is growing up so fast!  Such a big girl I have now. 

She can take a few steps by herself now!  (I can't believe how exciting that development was to watch.  I mean MOST people can walk - what is so special about watching a drunken sailer-esque child learn to do what everyone does without thing?  I dunno, but it's awesome.) 

She can sign up a storm (I think she uses 20 or 25 different signs, in context and with intent).

All this signing hasn't hampered her vocabulary development.  She can say a ton of words in her adorable little baby voice (Mama, Dada, hat, up, no, yes, iPod, hot, ice, meow, ruff, down, apple, outside, all done, octopus, socks, switch sides (a nursing thing..:-), shoes, leaves, tree, cheese, keys...actually those last four might all be the same word...). 

She can take all her clothes off (this is not as exciting a development). 

She can drink out of a regular cup (uh...closely supervised and only containing water).

She can put her own hat on...


  1. I love how iPod is one of her words. :) Also, I love the edited version of that video. Too funny!

  2. "Apple" and "iPod" are pretty much identical. Which is pretty funny, considering their logo:-) I have to admit, I laugh myself stupid every time I see it. I am not sure which is funnier, the head thunk or the completely ridiculous sound I make!