Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bring on the REAL FOOD, Mama!

At Malcolm's 6 month check-up, I told the doctor that he wasn't really interested in solids so we weren't trying very hard.  She said "he really needs to be eating" my 20 lb, 6 oz six-month-old is clearly malnourished?  I take what most doctors say with a grain of salt, but because I don't know everything, I kept trying, thinking maybe he really should be eating.  Malcolm gave me this face, every time I tried to feed him something other than boob:

"Err...what do you think you are trying to do?"  

Sometimes it was this face:

"Uh huh.  I don't think so, lady."  He look even looks slightly disappointed in me.

One time he actually looked at the spoon, looked at me and then sighed deeply as if to say "Seriously?  I thought I'd made my wishes on this subject known."

So pediatrician be damned, I gave up and left him to his booby juice.  Then two days ago, I offered him a smooshed pea off of my finger, just for giggles.  He looked at it, grabbed my finger and ate it.  I did it again...same result.  Then I pulled a mama bird trick and chewed up a little carrot and gave it to him.. He LUNGED at my finger to get at it!  So apparently, he wanted texture.  Or at least not moosh.  This morning he ate a huge bowl of oatmeal (the real stuff, not baby cereal), carrots and cinnamon.  He's a eatin' boy now!  Though it is possible he is using me to get at the spoons... 

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