Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outdoor Fun

Let's not comment on my lack of posts. Please just rejoice that I am not passed out from exhaustion right now.


We've been soaking up outdoor time in this weird warm winter we are having. Yesterday we went to MLK and Lucy found a shell by the pond. Malcolm tried to walk on the pond to see the geese and discovered that water is cold in February. He charged ahead fearlessly into the pond (I fought with him about it and the decided the worst thing that was going to happen would be that he would get wet. Which he did.), got both feet in, stopped and said "Hot." Wrong word, kiddo, but yes, an intense change in temperature for sure. He then hesitated, turned around and walked away. Apparently a foot bath was all he needed to be convinced that swimming In February is a bad idea.

The walk back was loooong and Lucy wanted a piggyback because she was genuinely terrified of all the goose poop. Malcolm wanted to wander into the street and chase cars. I am more and more convinced that dogs and toddler boys are actually the same species.

The rest of the afternoon we spent playing in the yard. Riding horses, making picnics from rocks and pinecones and other delectable local specialties, building an iguana out of bark and sticks and making a snowman out of pinecones. It was a good day.

Bark Iguana
Pinecone Man!



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