Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Reusable Painting Surface

Lucy loves to paint. I love her paintings. Until the the time comes to purge and she freaks out and doesn't let me recycle even one of her roughly 30 million masterpieces. Malcolm loves to make messes, play with soap and splash in water. This activity let each kid do their favorite thing, and spared me even one single painting to hang to dry.

I laminated several pieces of construction paper, set up a bin of soap and water and let them loose with paints. Lucy could paint and then wash the pictures off in the bin (her reaction? "THIS IS AWESOME, MAMA!"). Lucy was surprisingly willing to wash her work away. Malcolm made and washed one picture. Then he learned about cause and effect as he put his head in the water over and over. He is the living example of the definition of insanity...


We did 23 pictures. And now there are none. Perfect.


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