Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Stupid Computer

My computer is stupid.  Of course it is still smarter, faster and more accurate than I could ever hope to be.  But this does not stop it from being stupid.  Things take forever to boot now.  Programs freeze up.  Popups abound in my once-pristine virtual work environment.  I hate it.  My laptop has a cracked screen that I haven't managed to get fixed yet, so I am stuck working on this blasted piece of crap.  It used to be so shiney and new.  So fast and sleek.  I still think of it as a new computer.  I got a flat screen monitor what they were all new and fancy, so it still LOOKS new.  Even though my husband's comupter has a widescreen HD monitor that kicks this one's ass.  I think this machine is going on 5 years old so I guess it has put in some hard time, as far as comupters go.  I shouldn't knock it.  But I will anyway.  Stupid computer.

Can I afford to splurge on a new computer?  Not this summer. 

That means several hours of slogging through files and programs to delete all the stuff that is gumming up the works.  **sigh**

Stupid computer.     

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