Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lucy's Birthday Extravaganza Part I

We decided to have a small family party for Lucy this coming Saturday.  We thought the grandparents would have more fun if they had the baby mostly to themselves.  For that party we have my parents, Kevin's parents, my brother older Jason and his wife Nancy, their two girls Abby and Charlotte, my younger brother Jon and his girlfriend Nita.  Small, compared to say, Christmas, when we have our ENTIRE family together (1 daughter, 4 parents, 6 siblings, 3 spouses, 2 neices,  and any significant others that are brave enough to tag along). 

But, thought I in my ignorance, what about Lucy's little friends??  What about all my new mama friends?  Shouldn't we have a playdate or something on her actual birthday so she can celebrate with all her little friends and I can celebrate with all my friends?  I mean, we got through a WHOLE YEAR without inflicting any lasting damage on our baby!  Well, any that we know about, anyway.  So I decided to have a playdate on her birthday and invite some of my new mama friends and their little ones.  And some of my old friends with their older children.  And hey, why not open it up to their spouses if they are free on a random Wednesday afternoon?  And then there is that neighborhood mom I haven't met yet, but I am desperate to meet moms in my area, so I'll invite her too!

So we ended up with 19 people at our house.  We had Shannon and Liam (13 months), Corinne and Ethan (14 months), Kimberley and Simon (4 years), Edwin (2 years) and Aris (2 years), Lindsey and John with Cieran (4 years) and Ceinwyn (10 months), Adrianna and her mom with Natalia (15 months),  and Leslie and Lyla (16 months).  We were expecting 2 more, but they had a bad nap day and couldn't make it, and three others said they might be there.  It was a full house.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Preparing for her brushing her teeth...

The birthday (cup)cake!
Eddy and Simon showing off their birthday present 
Sweet Baby Ceinwyn.
Backyard pool fun
Lyla in the water
Ethan on the run!  LOVE the wetsuit!
This is right before she gets sprayed in the face with the water spout:-)
Liam with his Cool Kids hat on!
Lucy had SO MUCH FUN getting thrown through the sprinkler!
...okay, so did Mama:-)
Smiley baby!
The water table provided fun for the big kids...but Lucy wanted to get in on the act!
So serious...
Happy Corbetts
Lucy tearing it up
Birthdays are fun, Mama...but it is bedtime yet?


  1. Looks like a blast - I hope it's nice weather in a week when we have my family over for K's birthday, a baby pool and sprinkler looks like a fun idea.

  2. Michael - hey, family party on Saturday! You're welcome to pop by...though I suppose coming in from LA is more than just a pop.

  3. Sorry we couldn't make it. Looks like Lucy had a blast!