Friday, October 1, 2010

I Have a Weird Baby

There are some things in life you just have to acknowledge.  My daughter is weird.  Not in a "poor-thing- have-you-seen-a-doctor" kind of way.  More like a "what-are-you-doing-now-you-little-goofus" kind of way.

For instance:

She likes to wrap things around her neck.  I have watched as she wraps her shirt around her neck.  I have watched as she wraps her socks around her the best of her ability, anyway, her socks being very short.  More things she wrapped around her neck:  my socks, Kevin's socks, her diapers, her diaper covers, random pieces of cloth, yarn, her jacket, spaghetti noodles, baby wipes, paper, magazines, and any number of floppy stuffed animals.  There are even more things she has attempted to wrap around her neck, but due to their blind obediance to the laws of physics, they have refused to be wrapped.  Such as: books, shoes, drumsticks (the ones used for playing drums, not chicken legs...though if she weren't vegetarian, I dare say she's have chicken grease on her neck), cups, various pieces of molded plastic (such as her driving toy,  her rain stick, and the Alphabet Snail), my cell phone, the remote control and my iPod.

She likes the have wind blowing in her face.  She's like a puppy that way.  She has a little toy that blows air to rotate 3 levels of stacking donuts (its hard to describe baby toys sometimes...).  She prefers to take all the stackers off and hold the base up to her face to feel the faux breeze.  She gleefully signs "more" if I blow in her face. 

Speaking of being like a puppy...she loves to chew on my shoes.  I mean, could she pick anything more disgusting to chew on?  Ugh.  I suppose if she were chewing on her diapers.

She likes to make a funny little scrunched-up-nose face and puff and blow like she's trying to blow a booger out of her nose.  She finds this very VERY funny.  If you say "Lucy, what are you doing??", she'll stop, look at you, cock her head to the side and raise her palms up as if to say "I dunno, Mama!"

She doesn't mind being alone...unless I leave to go to the laundry room.  She SCREAMS with either fear or anger when I head down the hallway without her.  It's like she's afraid I'll get lost in the huge mountain of unwashed clothes and never come back.  Actually, I'm afraid of that, too.  So maybe it isn't that weird.

She likes to snuggle books.  Books.  Not stuffed animals or dolls.  Books.  I suppose I should be happya t her thirst for knowledge, but I am still not convinced you can learn the contents of a book through osmosis, despite my many attempts at this during college.  She likes to eat them, too, but that's pretty normal, I think.

Speaking of books, the enjoys "reading" them to herself.  She'll sit and turn the pages while animatedly talking (sometimes out and out screaming) and smacking the pages.  Now I read her books with many different voices.  And I also point out the different things on each page.  So I think that she is making fun of me.  Either that or I need to tone down my interpretation of Perfect Piggies by Sandra Boyton. 

She will spend a great deal of time throwing a toy over the baby gate and then picking it up through the bars.  Over and over and over and over again.  And over again.  And over.  And over.  Again. 

Right now, my weird little girl is shaking a jingling stuffed animal while yelling at the toy box.  Occasionally she'll giggle and do a little boogie woogie dance with her butt.  I am sure she has a good reason for it.  I am just sad that by the time she is old enough to articulate her reasoning, she won't remember why it was so much fun in the first place.

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