Friday, January 7, 2011

Things Don't Want to Forget #2

Lucy says "Oof oof" when you ask her what a dog says.

This is also what she calls a dog.

When Lucy says "hair" is sounds like "HEEEair".

When she says "bear" it sounds like "BEEEair".

We took a walk around the block yesterday and she plowed forward, unsteady but giddy at being "asside" (translation: "outside"), saying "WALK WALK WALK WALK WALK!!" the whole time.

When she dances, Lucy will crook both arms out to the side and bend at the hips with her butt cocked to one side and sort of bounce up and down.  If I can ever get her to do it when I have a video camera, I will post it!  It is so funny!

She is currently into chewing on the noses of all her stuffed animals.

She called Cookie Monster "Elmo".

She calls any unidentifiable animal "Elmo".

She once patted my boob with nursing and called it "Elmo".

We were in the car yesterday waiting to get my emissions inspected.  Lucy was in the back seat playing with her stuffed Cookie Monster toy.  She was saying "Elmo.  El-MO.  ELLLLLmo!  ELLLLLMOOOOOOOOO!  Elmo. ELLLL-mo."  Over and over for about 20 minutes.  Then I heard the toy fall on the floor.  Silence...then very quietly: "Elmo?

Lucy loves Elmo.

She has started whispering.  Now occasionally I hear her whispering to herself "Baby siiiiiiiiiiiiign."

Lucy crawls in her sleep.  For various reasons, we ended up co-sleeping when we were at my parents house for Christmas.  She nearly crawled off the end of the bed in the middle of the night.  She also talks in her sleep and is a very restless sleeper.  While it is cute, it is not conducive to a good night's sleep for me.

She is really ticklish.

Her laugh is like music to me.

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